Hello everyone! My name is pranay, in Sanskrit ‘pranay’ means love. I don’t really know why I was given that name but I’ve always loved the people in my life with all my heart. I was born to two wonderful human beings in the most beautiful hilly state called Meghalaya and I’ve been a traveler ever since. So I feel like I was born a traveler.

 As a child I’ve always been notorious and got myself in trouble all the time but I’ve always had my dad to back me up. He has always been my support system my saviour and my best friend. He has always encouraged me in everything I did, good or bad.

With all the support and motivation that my parents have been giving me I’ve done a lot of adventurous things in life at a very young age. I wouldn’t call myself fearless because I’m someone who believes that it’s good to have a little fear in life, but I’d certainly call myself  strong. In my opinion a strong person is not someone who does risky things because he is fearless but is someone who does things in spite of knowing the repercussions. I’ve had such strong opinions and belief systems since a very young age. 

I’ve always been a curious child. My curiosity and my passion for discovery has led me to travel almost 30 different places in 2 years. I’ve been to some of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve been to places like ladakh, kerala, manali and witnessed the most beautiful landscapes of all time.

Every place I’ve visited had valuable life lessons to teach. Every time I’ve come back from a trip I’ve come wiser and stronger. Some trips taught me patience whereas some got me thinking about the purpose of my life. Every hurdle on my journey taught me how to grow stronger and how to overcome even greater obstacles in life. Some hurdles made me realise how much the people in my life mean to me. Some made me appreciate the meaning of life. 

Travelling to so many different places and following my passion hasn’t always been easy, I’ve fallen, I’ve feared but I stood tall over and over again. Travelling taught me lessons that no amount of lectures could teach. Travelling taught me the unpredictability of life and to live life to its fullest while it lasts.