How to make a website using WordPress

Usually we think complicated when we heard the name website!

Am I right?

But no worries today we goanna learn how to make a website in a better and cheaper way! Which goanna help your business for better marketing in this 21st century!

Reasons to know and learn how to make a website and why?

  1. If you learn how to make a website, you can save lots of money on web designers & developers. where as you can invest that money in your business for growth.
  2.  It can also increase your technical knowledge where you can also earn lots of money if you develop a website for others peoples or business owners.
  3. If you know how to make a website then it will a benefit for the business because you know all about the business and about product or services, you can make changes whatever you want to for better business development.

There are many ways to build a website but today we gonna know how to make a website using WordPress!

How to make a website using WordPress:

Why WordPress?

-WordPress is a tool for creating any type of website. In other words, you can create any type of website form a basic level to fully advance featured business website. It is used more than 34% in all websites.

Steps to make a website:

  1. Find a domain name for your website relevant to your business.
  2.  Buy a server/web host.
  3. Installation of WordPress.
  4. Select a theme for your website.
  5. Start working on your website to create pages and blogs.

Finding a domain name for your website:

Finding a name for your website is probably the most fun aspect of the whole process. You can choose any name as you wish for your domain. But mostly I suggest people to choose a name relevant to the business or purpose of the website. Choose a name which is attractive and easy to type and pronounce as there are already 3 billion websites in the market. Try to keep a name which is unique.

  • Note: You can buy a domain name from godaddy.

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